Summary of Allocations


Budget by Sector

The bulk of the budget will once again be devoted to Social Services—which will receive 34.8 percent of the National Budget—to continue the Administration’s focused campaign on poverty alleviation. Economic Services will claim the second highest sectoral allocation, with 25.5 percent devoted to it for 2013.



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Budget by Expense Class

Under the 2013 National Budget, Capital Outlays (CO) will increase by 15.7 percent to P380 billion from this year’s level of P328.3 billion. Of this amount, Infrastructure and Other Capital Outlays will increase by 17.5 percent to P296.7 billion from P252.4 billion in 2012. The increases will help boost the momentum currently driving the transport, tourism and agriculture industries.

Meanwhile, Current Operating Expenditures (COE) account for P1.6 trillion of this Budget: an increase of 9.2 percent from the current year’s P1.465 trillion, which accounts for the jump  in Personal Services (by 8.0 percent to P641.3 billion) to support the full implementation of the Salary Standardization Law III , among others. Meanwhile, Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) are up by 17.5 percent to P313.3 billion due to the expansion of social and economic programs. Interest Payments are also up by 0.2 percent to P333.9 billion this year.

The budget for GOCCs posted a significant increase of 103.1 percent, bringing the total budget to P44.3 billion. Of this, subsidies increased by more than 114.3 percent to P42.3 billion.

The LGU shares in the National Budget also rose by 9.7 percent to P318.1 billion due to improved revenue collections in 2010, the base year for computing the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of LGUs for 2013.



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Budget by Region

The regional budgetary allocations increased by 28.5 percent to P990.4 billion, or 49.4 percent of the total proposed Budget for 2013. In comparison, the P770.5 billion allocation for the regions in 2011 was only 42.4 percent of the budget. In particular, budgetary allocations for Visayas and Mindanao grew by 21.8 percent and 22.1 percent year-on-year, respectively.



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Budget by Department and Special Purpose Fund

Top 10 Departments2

Congress of the Philippines
Office of the President
Office of the Vice-President
Department of Agrarian Reform
Department of Agriculture
Department of Budget and Management
Department of Education
State Universities and Colleges
Department of Energy
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Department of Finance
Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Health
Department of Interior and Local Government
Department of Justice
Department of Labor and Employment
Department of National Defense
Department of Public Works and Highways
Department of Science and Technology
Department of Social Welfare and Development
Department of Tourism
Department of Trade and Industry
Department of Transportation and Communications
National Economic Development Authority
Presidential Communications Operations Office
Other Executive Offices
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Joint Legislative-Executive Councils
The Judiciary
Civil Service Commission
Commission on Audit
Commission on Elections
Office of the Ombudsman
Commission on Human Rights
Special Purpose Funds
Budgetary Support to Government Corporations (BSGC)
Allocations to Local Government Units
Calamity Fund
Contingent Fund
Department of Education – School Building Program
E-Government Fund
International Commitments Fund
Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF)
Pension and Gratuity Fund (PGF)
Priority Social and Economic Projects Fund (PSEPF)1
Priority Development Assistance Fund
Tax Expenditures Fund
Debt Service Fund-Interest Payment
P1,025 B
P9.8 B
P2.7 B
P420.5 M
P21.4 B
P63.7 B
P998.2 M
P249.2 B
P34.9 B
P4.3 B
P23.6 B
P30.8 B
P11.7 B
P40.9 B
P91.7 B
P10.8 B
P8 B
P80.6 B
P165.5 B
P10 B
P56.2 B
P2.9 B
P2.8 B
P32.7 B
P5 B
P1.3 B
P10.9 B
P13.9 B
P2.1 M
P17.7 B
P992.9 M
P8.1 B
P8.4 B
P1.7 B
P318.9 M
P980.7 B
P70.8 B
P319.8 B
P7.5 B
P1 B
P1 B
P1 B
P2.6 B
P70.1 B
P98.7 B
P22.4 B
P24.9 B
P26.9 B
P333.9 B


1 The PSEPF contains allocations for critical development projects that agencies proposed but have not yet been able to flesh out in detail. These have been adopted in the Budget, but segregated under a Special Purpose Fund, in line with the policy against lump sum funds in agency budgets. Once the agencies flesh out these projects, these will be submitted to Congress as ammendments. Some of the projects under this Fund are the Health Facilities Enhancement Fund (DOH) and Public-Private Partnership Support Funds, among others.
2 The amounts indicated here include the respective departments’ allocations under the MPBF, PGF, BSGC, PSEPF and other Special purpose Funds.


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